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About This Site

I suppose this web site was inevitable, given two people, one with a love of sailing and an amateur knowledge of web site construction, the other with an extra-ordinary talent for painting, a love of things nautical and an in depth knowledge of the history of sailing vessels.

I claim the former qualities. I first met John through my partner (now wife) Janet. She and I were on the same vessel competing in the 1990 Tall Ships race from Plymouth, UK to Coruna, in northern Spain. I was the first mate and Janet was a watch leader. If asked I always say that we met changing sails on the foredeck in a Force 10 in Biscay!

John is my wife's second cousin and in 1992 I attended the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, of which John is a member. John was exhibiting his painting 'Trafalgar' and for me, it was love at first sight (with the painting, I hasten to add). I have been to every exhibition since.

John has a vague understanding of things computer and really does not feel the need to grow that knowledge. (Which is why, when you address mail to John, you may be surprised not to receive a reply directly from him. It means that I have telephoned John with the message and responded to you with the dictated reply). However, John does have a great enthusiasm for new ideas and when I suggested using the Internet as a ' shop window' for his work, he was keen to give it a try. So, version one of the John Groves Studio was born in September 1998. We are currently on version six of the design.

Although the design has changed over the years, the objective of the site has not. The aim is to bring the work of John Groves to as many people in the world as we can reach so that they too can enjoy these beautiful paintings. The screensavers offered on the site have always been completely free to allow visitors to take away a little bit of the Studio to enjoy at home. From the many comments we have received from users, it has achieved its purpose. Of course, if the site also helps to promote commissions for John, I believe that to be a just reward.

We have been fortunate that the Studio site has been well received on the internet and we have found new and valued friends in the internet community. To those who have helped to make this site what it is - my sincere thanks. I could not have got this far without you.

The John Groves Studio will go on and, I hope, bring more of John's work into your home as it comes to life. However, you will need patience - as I have discovered - real art, and real artists, cannot be rushed!

Derek Oakes